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WELCOME TO THE HOME OF STATIC SWIMMING. Here you will find everything you need to know about swimming at home. Above there are swim programs and below some advises for improving your swim technique. If you want some persoal advice please contact us:

EASY  30min
1x 10min   *     freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke
6x  2min    *     your favorite style
4x  1min    **   kicking
-breaks and exercice durations are up to you
intensities:  * easy  ** medium
10x           *     exhalacions
1x 5min    *     freestyle, breaststroke
3x             **   catch up  30s + 30s freestyle
3x             **   touching hip  30s + 30s freestyle
4x 1min    **   kicking
1x 5min    *     freestyle, breaststroke
more about the exercises you find here
intensities:  * easy  ** medium 
TRIATLON   30min
1x 5min    *       freestyle, breaststroke
4x 30sec   **     kicking    break: 30s
3x 1min    *       freestyle     break: 20s
3x 30sec   **     freestyle     break: 30s
3x 15sec   ***   freestyle     break: 45s
4x 1min    **     kicking
-you can increase/decrease the number of repetitions
intensities:  * easy  ** medium  ***strong
train technique


Static swimming is excellent for improving your swim technique. Improvements come with repetition. Just do the exercice and swim normal, dont try to do something special, changes are made during the exercice. Repeat that for 3-10x.

IMPORTANT: the first repetions are always not working well, dont surrender!

Simple and effective exercise to boost your breathing.
- inhale deeply and exhale all the air and sink to the bottom.
A classic exercise for improving rythm and stroke technique.
- the hands touch each other in front of your head in every stroke.
- kick without interuptions.
For improving body rotation.
- touch the hip at the end of the stroke
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